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Over the years, we are proud to have received many wonderful outcomes and patient reviews. I am always humbled and flattered when patients review Oak Brook Chiropractic and myself, Dr. Claussen, positively.  So thank you for the kind words and encouragement, it is appreciated.  Please read some of our patient reviews below and consider Oak Brook Chiropractic for your health, fitness and/or recovery goals.

  • “I have been a patient of Dr. Claussen’s for over 10 years.  Dr. Claussen has effectively treated my scoliosis/spinal issues, providing me with an improved quality of life.  The in-office treatments combined with his recommended exercise program have allowed me to function for years without severe pain, essentially allowing me to be a better Mom to my 3 children, by being able to do the things I need and want to do!  Additionally, the OBCC office staff I interact with regularly, being Mary, Lisa, Jody, and Dan, are always professional, friendly and helpful.  I can’t thank Dr. Claussen and the entire OBCC team enough for their expertise and dedication to patient chiropractic care.  My health is greatly improved as a result.”
                                                                               – Kara Helliwell

  • “I became a patient of Dr. Claussen in June of 2009 because of extreme pain in my lower back and right leg.  Prior to seeing Dr. Claussen, I had been treated by two different MDs for more than a year.  Both did nothing but put me on morphine and oxycontin.  The medication reduced the pain but served to mask the real problem.  Once I became a patient of Dr. Claussen, he put me on an exercise program which eliminated my need for drugs and returned me to good health.  His staff was also extremely helpful by providing ongoing support and explaining how to use the weight machines in the gym.  Now I can do anything I want without the fear or drugs.  I owe my new life to him and remain a loyal patient for preventative care.”
    -David Rogers

  • “Dr. Claussen has done more for me than any other doctor I have ever known.  In the five months I have been coming to see him, not only have most of my back issues and limitations been dramatically diminished, but I have also lost 30lbs and have more energy and strength than I have had in 10 years.  His consistency and focus have helped me stay on the right track and keep my focus on healthier living.  What is truly inspiring about him is that he never lets up, on himself, on his patients or anyone in the office; he is always keeping us heading down a better path.  He takes the time to come in the back and not only make sure that I am doing my exercises correctly but pushes me to work just a little bit harder.  He is one of a kind and I really appreciate what he has done for me.  Thanks to him and all the staff for helping make me a better me.”
                                                                              – Doris McCann

  • “We have had Dr. Claussen as our Chiropractor for over 30 years.  He has treated and repaired plantar fasciitis, torn rotator cuff, and other swimming and running related injuries throughout my husbands’ Master’s competition career.  He and his wife, Nancy, have applied their vast knowledge to design personalized strength programs for both my husband and myself.  Last summer my husband, Bryan, competed in the Masters National Championship in Omaha, Nebraska, where he was National Champion for his age group in the sprint event.  Dr. Claussen’s program for developing power and explosiveness can be considered as a major contribution to this success.

    As for myself, I have had rotator cuff issues as well as back sprain, Achilles tendon, and knee joint problems, which I am happy to say are all now in good working order.  He and Nancy have encouraged me to develop healthier dietary habits as well.  Nancy’s patience and extremely positive attitude have been an inspiration to me.

    Also on the OBCC staff, there are three very intelligent, funny, and above all, caring staff members – Lisa, Mary, and Jody – who take their jobs seriously, perform them extremely well, and never hesitate to ‘go the extra mile’ to offer help and support in any way they can.  With my recent diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, I felt comfortable confiding in Lisa, who then related my concerns to a very professional Dr. Claussen.  I was told I needed therapy for my Lymphedema in my left arm, which has been the focus of my most recent treatment program.  My arm has improved 100% under Dr. Claussen’s care.

    We are so fortunate to have found Dr. Claussen so many years ago.  He has treated all of our children, and has shown a sincere concern for our family that goes beyond his professional care.  He is without doubt “one of the very best in the business.”
                                                                              – Bay Bateman

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