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Jodie Perry Office Manager

Jodie Perry - Oak Brook Chiropractic1

Meet Jodie, our beloved Office Manager who has been an essential part of the Oak Brook Chiropractic family for over 25 years. With a warm and welcoming spirit, Jodie has built meaningful relationships with our patients, and she can’t wait to extend that same hospitality to you!

Jodie’s passion for helping others is evident in everything she does. From managing the day-to-day operations of the office to assisting patients in their healing journey, Jodie is committed to ensuring that everyone who walks through our doors feels cared for and supported.

Jodie’s journey to OBCC began as a patient in 1992, after enduring multiple car accidents that left her with long-term spinal injuries. It was through Chiropractic care that Jodie found relief, and she has been a true believer ever since. Dr. Claussen, whom Jodie was referred to by a friend, has been an instrumental part of her recovery, as well as that of many of her family members.

Jodie’s genuine love and dedication to helping others make her an extremely valuable member of our team. We are so grateful to have her on board and look forward to welcoming you into our OBCC family!