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Nancy Claussen

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Nancy is a Swedish American raised in the heartland of the Midwest. She’s a fitness expert/fitness champion, artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist dedicated to improving people’s lives. She genuinely cares about your success. She provides a wealth of mindset mastery, health habits and valuable wisdom. She was inducted into the Fitness Hall of Fame for her 45+ years of contributions, including winning numerous fitness/athletic competitions as seen on national and international TV, including ESPN. Her fitness advice has been featured in magazines, newspapers, radio/TV shows helping educate, inspire and influence millions.

Nancy and Dr. Phil Claussen are partners at the Oak Brook Chiropractic Center, where she empowers an entire spectrum of people with the skills to obtain their optimal health and athletic dreams. She offers a variety of fitness programs, including mindset mastery consults, personal training, Swimnastics pool exercise services, nutrition/food prep demonstrations, sports performance lectures and more.  

Please read more about Nancy’s services below and schedule your consultation when you’re ready to get fit to win!

2012 Dr Claussen London Olympics Bahamas

Personal Training and Athletic Performance Training

In addition to personal training, Nancy is a consultant for many Olympians, professional athletes, entertainers, artists, fashion fitness models, and CEOs. She provides valuable support to the Bahamas and Botswana Olympic Teams with her husband, Dr. Phil Claussen. Together they have effectively achieved Gold Medal historical performances. Nancy practices what she teaches and continues to be in excellent athletic condition to help you live your best life. Her methods are proof of the fountain of youth!

Swim Exercise Groups Oak Brook IL

Swimnastics Pool Exercise Services

Fun fact, she is a pioneer in creating a successful water exercise business called “Swimnastics” which supported and popularized this form of exercise worldwide. Be sure to ask Nancy about this the next time you see her.  

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Fitness Trips to the Beautiful Bahamas (Limited – Application Required)

Ask Nancy about her exclusive fun and fitness trips to the beautiful Bahamas. Participants benefit from her helpful advice and variety of exercise programs while being pampered in paradise. Participants can stay at the spectacular Baha Mar, Atlantis, Ocean Club and Jimmy Buffet’s magical resorts. All trips are uniquely designed with her fitness group’s needs in mind. She provides attendees with valuable health/fitness knowledge for their success. Everyone enjoys her insights to the Bahamas unique charms and amazing adventures! This is a golden experience with an abundance of healthy memories and a treasure chest full of fit, fantastic friendships to last a lifetime!

Dr. Claussen Thanksgiving Workout 2016

Your Health is My Priority

“Close to my heart are my family and friends. Enjoying positive supportive healthy relationships is key. Our OBCC team is dedicated to serve you with excellence in patient care. You are our priority and you will be treated like family!” says Nancy.